Saturday, April 23, 2005

Construction - Week 3

Construction - Week 3
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We have a roof!

A lot was accomplished this week although at times it seemed nothing was happening. But everything was geared to being able to pour the roof by the end of the week.

Besides pouring more supports and beams, they put up a structure to hold the form for the roof. It is held up with 4x4's sitting on bricks or wood pieces and shimmed to the right heigth with slivers of wood. Some of the 4x4's are wired to the wall but it is amazing to me that the whole thing doesn't fall down from the weight of the rebar, cement and men.

Construction - Week 3

We have seen construction crews use small electric cement mixers but our crew did it all by hand using the shovel to turn the mix over and over. Then the mix is shoveled into buckets, lifted to the shoulders and carried up handmade ramps to the roof. Our roof is about 25 feet high. Carry up a bucket and back down, another bucket and back up again, over and over until the roof is done. If you want to see more of the construction photographs you will find them here

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