Saturday, June 30, 2007

Zoom, Zoom, ZUMBA

Have you heard of Zumba? I hadn't until yesterday when I was having coffee with Caren Cross who produced the documentary film Lost and Found in Mexico. She told me that a group of 150 to 200 women met on the basketball courts in Parque Juarez at 8:30 AM on Saturday mornings. Most of the women are Mexican and they hoop and holler while dancing to the Latin and International music and in general just have a great time in addition to getting a high-intensity workout. I had to see this for myself so I headed over to the Parque this morning. By the time I was at the entrance to the parque, I could hear the music and the women. On a raised platform on one side of the courts the instructor was leading them on with a few bumps and grinds just to keep things interesting and the women were loving it. Zumba originated with an aerobics instructor in Columbia who forgot his aerobics tapes for a class so he gathered up the tapes he loved to listen to from his car and went on with the class. The response was so overwhelming that he continued to develop his Latin version of aerobics. The rest as they say is history because now Zumba has an educational program for instructors, clothing, DVD' is an international business. On Saturday mornings in San Miguel Zumba is just a lot of fun.


pitchertaker said...

Really like the motion stuff. It gives a feeling of great energy.


Nancy said...

This is my kind of exercise...if it isn't in Mazatlan already I am going to try to get it going!


Billie said...

Nancy, if you go to the website they have a list of locations....don't know if it is complete or not. The instructors were cute young guys who really knew how to move. I think the women were enjoying seeing them as much as the exercise. LOL

Frank, thanks I like the motion blur too but need to do some more experimenting with shutter speeds so that I have a better idea of what is going to happen.